Home Visits are available for animals that are considered far too ill to come to the surgery and providing you are in Harold Wood,   or neighbouring areas.

If you have problems bringing your pet into the surgery then it is often possible for us to arrange the collection of your pet to be brought into the Surgery by an Animal Ambulance Service for exmination at which time a telephone consultation can be undertaken with yourself.

If you feel you need a home visit,   please telephone before 10am so that the Veterinary Surgeon can arrange their schedule accordingly.   Please bear in mind that the veterinarian can see four to five patients in the surgery in the time it takes to make a home visit and therefore the charge for a Home Visit will be based upon the Veterinary Surgeon's time for this.

Home visits are not normally available on Saturdays or out of normal surgery hours and it is for the veterinarian to decide whether a home visit is necessary or not.