The Eye Scheme is run in a partnership between the British Veterinary Association  (BVA),   the Kennel Club  (KC) and the International Sheep Dog Society  (ISDS).

Dr Martin Lawton FRCVS,   who is an Eye Panelist,   is able to offer this eye examination and Certification service . 

Appointments for BVA / KC/ ISDS eye examination and certification are currently strictly limited to allow us to cope with the increased demands for our Consultation appointments with Dr Lawton .   Clients will be restricted to either a maximum of two adult dogs or one litter of pups for their appointment.

IMPORTANTLY,  in order to allow us to run to time ,   Clients are advised to arrive 20 minutes before their appointment time because if they arrive late they will   NOT  be seen and will have to rebook.

in addition to the set BVA fees for examination there will be an additional surcharge made by the practice of £25.00 (inc VAT)  to cover the increased costs of our providing this sevice for you .

An appointment is made at which time you   MUST   bring the original   KC or ISDS Registration Document  ( NOTE   a Pedigree Certificate is not acceptable  ),   in order for the eye examination to go ahead and for Dr Lawton to be able to give you the results and the completed certificate after that examination.

All Dogs,   including puppies,   are required to be microchipped and will have the number,   after being scanned,   entered on the certificate.   Please note that there is no exception to this requirement.

Please arrive at least 20 minutes before your allocated appointment time to allow us to complete the necessary papaer work.  You will need to confirm if you require a routine (standard) eye test or will also be requiring Gonioscopy (for goniodysgenesis) for which there is an additional fee.

As eye examinations are undertaken in a dark room ,   Clients will not be allowed into the Consultation room,   as some level of social distancing is still being undertaken for the ongoing safety of our Clients and our Staff.  At the end of the examination the dog (s) and certifi cate will be brought back to you in the wiating room.

The History of the Scheme

The Eye Scheme was established in 1966 as a means of identifying inherited and non-inherited eye conditions in dogs.   It is a clinical eye examination. The Scheme is open to all dogs and breeds including crossbreeds and non-Kennel Club registered dogs.

There are many types of eye disease,   both congenital (conditions that exist from birth or soon after birth) and non-congenital (conditions that develop later in life),   that affect dogs.   Many of these conditions can have serious effects on health and welfare,   causing pain,   blindness,   or the need for lifelong medication,   and should be taken into consideration when breeding dogs.

Full details are available on the BVA Website

We will be available only during the following times:-

Please remember your own Health and unless there is an Urgency please stay at Home with your pets

Please,   Please do   NOT   turn up at the surgery without having telephoned us first and booked an appointment.