Dr Martin Lawton FRCVS,   who is an Eye Panelist,    will be able to start offering a restricted eye examinatoin and Certification service from 2nd September 2020. 

Due to COVID 19 there will be restrictions in place.   Appointments will be on a limited availability and Clients will be restricted to either a maximum of two adult dogs or one litter of pups only for that appointment.

IMPORTANTLY due to restrictions on entrance to the surgery and the strict adherence to the appointment system,   Clients are advised to arrive 30 minutes before their appointment time because if they arrive late they will NOT be seen and will have to rebook.

in addition to the set BVA fees for examination there will be an additional surplus charge made by the practice of £25.00 (inc VAT) to cover the increased costs of PPE,   cleaning and scheduling.

Full details are available on the  BVA Website