We are happy to deal with brief enquiries over the telephone,   from existing clients.

For New  (non-registered) Clients who wish to obtain telephone advice, especially wih  regard to exotic pets,   they can take advantage of our Telemedicine Service - see the ''Phone Consultations'' button above for further details.

For existing (registered) Clients,   If you phone us on 01708 384444 between  2:30 to 3:30pm,   your Veterinary Surgeon is more likely to be available to speak to you.   The Veterinary Surgeon is unlikely to be available at other times as they will be consulting,   operating or attending to in-patients or on visits.

However,   the Reception and Nursing staff will often be able to deal with general enquiries or relay a short question to a veterinarian on duty.

When we are unable to speak to you on the telephone,   you may have every confidence that the Receptionist or Nurse dealing with your enquiry will do so professionally and with any necessary consultation or advice from the veterinarian present.

We will be available only during the following times:-