If your pet is on regular and on going treatment,   your Veterinary Surgeon may arrange for you to have repeat prescriptions without an appointment providing your pet is stable,   and this is within an agreed period not exceeding 6 months (which is the maximum allowed by our Governing Body - the RCVS).

To reorder any of your regular medications (including defleaing or worming products) please telephone first . We would appreciate 24 hours notice to be able to deal with your request and ensure it will be ready for collection, as all requested have to be authorised and confirmed by the Veterinary Surgeon.

If you prefer a written script, then these are available on request. A fee is charged for each item on the script. When buying medicines directly from us,   this same script fee is already included in the final cost you will pay to us for the medication.   All requests for a written prescription should be made 24 hours before you intend to collect them.

We will be available only during the following times:-