The Practice invests heavily each year in updating and providing the best equipment for the monitoring and investigation of the health of your pet.

Gaseous Anaesthesia is provided using Isoflurane and Sevoflurane whilst animals are monitored with Capnographs (measuring Carbon Dioxide levels),   Respiratory monitors and Pulse oximeters (which measure the oxygen concentration of the blood).   For Reptiles and Birds we have ventilators that provide intermittent positive pressure ventlation (IPPV).

Our surgical facilities include a range of Rigid and Flexible endoscopes with video camera attachments to allow examination and biopsy sampling,   even in the smallest of species.   Our full range of microsurgical instruments are used not just for ophthalmic surgery but also controlled microsurgery in our small patients (Birds, reptiles and exotic mammals). Specialised surgical equipment includes a Radiosurgical unit (for making incisions with the minimum of haemorrhage).

Our imaging department has a state of the art Ultrasound system with a range of probes for the smallest to the largest of patients.   We have a designated Ophthalmic ultrasound machine with up to 15MHtz probes.   Digital Radiography allows our radiographs to be of the highest quality for diagnostic images.   For assessing Cardiac cases we also have ElectroCardiography (ECG) which allows assessment of the electrical function of the heart.

Our Ophthalmic department has many instruments for assessing vision (especially when Cataracts are present) and includes ElectroRetinography (ERG) which allows assessment of retinal function.   We are one of the few practices in the country with this facility.   Much of our surgery is performed under one of our two Operating Microscopes.   Each year we perform a large number of Cataract removals with our Alcon Phacoemulsification unit and can also further improve vision by the placement of artificial intraocular lenses in suitable cases.   We also have a Diode Laser allowing us to treat a number of ocular tumours.   Glaucoma sugrery includes placement of artificial Drainage systems,   Diode Laser Cyclophotocoagulopathy and in the final phase,   placement of Intrascleral prosthesis.