The Water Dragon

Scienfic Name:- Physignatus lesueurii and Physignatus Cocincinus

"Water Dragons are semi-aquatic lizards.   The 2 most common species kept as pets in this country are the Chinese Water Dragon (P. Cocincinus) and the Australian Water Dragon (P. Lesueurii).   The Chinese species is green with vertical slanted stripes across the body and a yellow or white belly. The Australian species is brown with light coloured band markings on their body;   males typically have red bellies while females usually have creamy white.

The tail makes up more than 70% of its body length and is used for balance and leverage when climbing,   as well as having a whipping potential towards predators.   they have a third eye (pineal body) which is a small,   shiny spot between their eyes on the top of their head.   The pineal is sensitive to light,   allowing better thermoregulation by helping the dragon determine where the best basking spots are.   Water dragons can escape predators by swimming to the bottom of a pool and wait there for up to 90 minutes without breathing!   Water dragons lay their eggs in a burrow,   and the temperature determines whether the babies become male or female.

Habitat :- The vivaria should be at least twice the length of the dragon.   As a semi-aquatic lizard they require a dry basking area,   a hide and branches to climb on as well as a pool of water for daily soaking and swimming.   They require a UV light to help them produce Vitamin D3,   The UV bulbs should be changed every six months.  

The enclosure should be kept during the day between 29-31oC (84-88oF) and at night not below 24-27oC (75-80oF).   suspended ceramic heater wired to a thermostat will provide a Basking spot can be between 32-35oC (90-95oF).

The bathing water should be changed daily or have a filtration system.   There should also be a hiding box and possibly a few branches or logs for the animal to climb on.

Diet :- Juvenile Water dragons are insectivores and as they get older then become omnivorous.   They eat a variety of insects (locusts,   crickets,   meal worms,   wax worms) that should be gut.loaded with calcium . Adults can also be given pinky mice or day-old chicks.   They also require some greens (shredded romaine lettuce,   dandelions,   mustard,   watercress).   All greens should also be dusted with a Calcium supplement,   and any live food gut loaded with calcium.

Life expectancy :- up to 18 years.

Water Dragons can reach up to 3 feet in length with females being slightly smaller then the males.

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