The Veiled Chameleon

Scienfic Name:- Chamaeleo calyptratus

These colourful Lizards originate from Saudi Arabia, „ Yemen and surrounding areas,   although you should always ensure that you purchase a captive bred specimen.

Habitat :-They are arboreal so need a variety of branches for climbing and broad leaves for hiding.   Artificial plants are best for hygiene and to prevent toxicity.   These reptiles require daytime temperatures in the range of 22-26oC   (72--80oF) and a night time temperature no lower than 10oC   (50oF).   A source of Ultraviolet light (UVB 5% or 10%) is essential for good bone strength and should be left on for 10-12hrs per day.   A solid substrate on the floor of the cage such as paper or lino is easy to clean and avoids potential blockages caused by accidental ingestion while eating.   Females should be provided with a nest box of loose substrate in which to lay eggs to prevent egg binding.

Diet :- They are insectivorous and should be offered a variety of insects which have been fed on vegetables with plenty of Calcium supplement so that they are nutritious when fed to the chameleon.   Once daily feeding is sufficient and any uneaten insects should be removed after a few minutes.

Chameleons drink from water droplets on leaves and not from a dish so twice daily misting of the vivaria is recommended.   It is possible to buy dripper or mister devices for this purpose.

Life expectancy :- Males 6-8 years and females 4-6 years.

They are relatively large 8-18 inches in length (20-45cms).

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