The Tegu Lizard

Scienfic Name:- Tupinambis spp

These large lizards originate from Central and South America and can become very tame and friendly if handled well from an early age.   The Argentine tegu is thought to be one of the easiest to tame although it is one of the larger species.

Habitat :-They need an enclosure 180-240cm   (6-8 feet) long and 90cm   (3 feet) deep and high.   Within the viviaruim they require a basking spot of 37-43oC   (98-109oF) and a cooler end at 24-28oC   (75-82oF) a humidity of 70-90% which can be supplied by misting the vivaria regularly,  although it is important not to saturate the substrate as this can lead to disease.   UV light is essential and is supplied by a UVB bulb which should be changed every 6-9 months and should be on for 12 hours a day.   The UV light should be placed towards the hot end of the vivarium.

Diet :- They are ominvores in the wild and should be offered insects a mixture of fruits and vegetables including soft fruit such as berries,   exotic fruits such as mangos,   non-leafy vegetables such as squash and leafy vegetables such as endive,   romaine and coloured lettuces.   Live insects and mealworms can be fed and also frozen small mice (thawed) although these should be fed in moderation to prevent obesity.  It is essential to also provide a calcium supplement to both hatchlings and adults.   Young Tegus should be fed daily while adults are fed every 3 days.   Fresh water to drink and to bathe in should always be available and an additional bath twice weekly will help with shedding.

Life expectancy :- up to 20 years.

An adult Tegu may grow to be 90cm in length.

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