The Sun Conures

Scienfic Name:- Aratinga solstitialis

They are also known as sun parakeets,   are medium-sized parrots.   Adults can grow to approximately 12 inches long,   weighing about 110g.   This bird is native to the coastal and humid forests of Venezuela,   Northern Brazil and Guyana in South America.   the wild sun conure population and the species is considered endangered.

They are best known for their playful,   noisy attitude and beautiful plumage.   They are sexually monomorphic,   with very few differences in appearance between male and female birds.   Juveniles have a predominantly green plumage and gain their adult yellow,   orange and red colouration upon reaching sexual maturity at around 2 years of age.

They are very sociable birds that revel in their owners' attention and can become distressed when left alone.   They will often benefit from having another sun conure as a companion.   Usually Conures are known for being very noisy parrots but the sun conure is not the noisiest conure,   they are very vocal and have a shrill scream as well as imitating people and often learning a few words.

Habitat :- In the wild these birds live in groups of up to 30.   Provide enrichments such as branches and toys to chew as well as giving them the opportunity to forage as a lack of mental stimulation can be distressing and sometimes lead to feather plucking.   Exercise outside of the cage should also be encouraged as pet conures kept in small cages are often prone to obesity and associated health risks.

Diet :- In the wild they will spend much of their time foraging for their diet of fruits,   flowers,   berries and nuts.   A complete,   nutritionally balanced manufactured specialist diet should be provided as well as a variety of fruits and vegetables.   They love to spend and chewing-treats as well as toys can be provided to keep their beaks safely preoccupied.

Life expectancy :- 15 to 20 years.

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