The Skinny Pigs

Scienfic Name:- Cavia porcellus

These are cute,   almost hairless relatives of the ordinary guinea pig.   They were originally produced from laboratory animals with a genetic mutation but are now being specifically bred for the pet market.

Skinny pigs require more care than their hairy counterparts.   As they grow older skinny pigs do have a little fur on their heads and feet.   The skin covering the rest of the body is exposed and is smooth and rubbery.   Skinny pigs are generally affectionate creatures and prefer to be kept with company of their own kind.   They may not suitable for the first time pet owner due to their special needs and we would recommend that anyone considering owning a skinny pig to do their research and consider whether they can cater for the needs of these unusual animals before purchasing.

Habitat :- They cannot keep themselves warm so should be kept indoors in a heated environment at 24-26oC (75-79oF) and should not be exposed to sunlight.   They should not be bedded on sawdust or anything that may injure their skin so soft fleece or towels are better but these must be changed at least every other day or the urine they absorb will cause skin problems.

Diet :- They require more food and water to maintain their body temperature due to the lack of insulating fur and should be fed on grass,   vegetables and hay.  Avoid concentrates as these can cause urinary problmes from Stones or cyrstal fomration.

Life expectancy :- 5-7 years.

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