The Royal Python

Scienfic Name:- Python Regius

The Royal python originates from Central Africa and although many colour variations are available they are generally brown with attractive dark markings.

Royal Pythons can make good pets as they are docile in nature.   They can be notoriously bad feeders.   Royal Pythons are relatively hardy and diseases such as respiratory disease or digestive upsets are usually due to poor living conditions.

Habitat :- They require a vivarium set up approximately 90cm x 60cm x 60cm   (3 feet x 2 feet x 2 feet) with a temperature gradient of 24-33oC   (75-90oF).   This is best obtained by using an overhead ceramic heater (within a guard) placed at one end of the vivarium and this should be on a thermostat.   Thermometers placed at either end of the vivarium will show the max and min temperatures reached.   Humidity should be 50-60% if it drops too low (centrally heated houses often have low humidity) increasing size of the water dish may help.   If the humidity is too high then extra ventilation is necessary.   Ultraviolet light should be provided and hides provided at both cool and warm ends of the vivarium to reduce stress.   Paper towel or Astroturf (which can be washed and reused several times) make good substrates.

Diet :- These snakes feed on rodents and the size of prey and frequency of feeding depends on the life stage and size of the python.   An adult will require an adult mouse every 7-10 days.   They should not be handled for 48hrs after feeding or they will regurgitate.   Water should be provided for drinking and bathing and should be fresh daily.

Life expectancy :- 20-40 years.

They grow up to 4-5feet in length.

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