The Red Foot Tortoise

Scienfic Name:- Geochelone carbonaria

Originate from South America. They are covered by CITIES (Conventionon International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora) Appendix IIa which stops the export from their native country without a permit.

Habitat :- They should be kept at a daytime temprature of 26-35oC (80-90oF) and a night time low of no less than 21oC (70oF).   they can go outside when it is a hot summer day but it must be secure with solid sides and shade but shouod come in at night. they require 12-14 hours of sunlight per day (or UV light if kept indoors). Humidity should be moderate.   A hide with damp substrate can keep the humidity levels high but should still be monitored.   Water should be in a shallow dish that allows for them to climb in and drink

They do not hibernate.   they are hardy but are prone to repisratory diseases especially if he humidity is low.

Diet :- fresh leafy greens,   vegetables and fruits and should have a calcium supplement daily.   They also like leaves,  flowers and the occasional worm or grub.

Life expectancy :- 30-35 years.

They grow up to 28-35cm.

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