The Red Eared Terrappin

Scienfic Name:- Trachemys scripta elegans

The Red Eared Terrapin (also known as Red-eared Slider) originates from North and South America.   It is one of the most commonly kept Terrapins.

Habitat :- They are semi-aquatic reptiles spending most of their time in water,   however it is important to provide them with an area of dry land on which to bask.   A fully grown Red Eared Terrapin should have an area of water at least 120 X 60X 60cm   (4x2x3 feet),   as well as the dry basking area.   An aquatic heater and thermostat should be used to maintain the water temperature at 23-29oC  (75-85o􏰀F).   A hot spot over the land area of 32-35oC   (90-95o􏰀F) should be provided using a ceramic or infrared heating bulb,   which should also be wired into a thermostat.   A UV light should also be placed 45-60cm   (18-24 inches) from the basking area and should be switched on for 10-12 hours a day.

Diet :- Hatchlings should be fed everyday and are mainly carnivorous,   whereas adults will readily eat plant material such as watercress and romaine lettuce as well,   and should be fed every other day.   Suitable foods include prawns (still in their shells),   whitebait,   sprats,   pinkies and small mice.   Crab sticks, kidney and liver can be offered,   but only in very small amounts and not every day as they are low in calcium and high in phosphorus.   a Calcium and mineral supplement should be given with every feed,   especially to young and growing animals.   It is usually best to feed Terrapins in a separate container, as they are very messy eaters !

Life expectancy :- upto 40 years.

Although baby Red Eared Terrapins are very small (about 2cm long),   they can grow to around 30-40cm in length.   The females are larger than the males.

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