The Panther Chameleon

Scienfic Name:- Furcifer Pardalis

They are the most colourful of the Chameleons and originate from Madagascar.

Panther Chameleons are widely available as pets as they are one of the more docile species,   although they should not be handled on a daily basis.

Habitat :- Panther Chameleons need a screen or glass enclosure 18in x 18in x 30in tall.   The cage can be decorated with live non-toxic and artificial plants and sticks and vines for climbing.   They need a UVB source (Ultraviolet Light) and an overhead heater to provide a basking temperature of 85-90oF (29-32oC) with an ambient temperature of 75oF (23oC).   The cage should have a solid substrate as this is easy to clean and prevents insect food from hiding away!   High humidity (60-70%) can be achieved by water dripping systems or by spraying the plants and Chameleon 2-3 times daily.  Achieving a balance between high humidity and ventilation in captivity can be challenging and respiratory disease is a common problem,   caused by bacteria build up in the enclosure.   Strict hygiene is therefore essential.

Diet :- A varity of insects such as Crickets,   Waxworms,  Roaches which must be gut loaded with suitable food and calcium supplement.

Life expectancy :- upto 5-7 years.

They grow to an adult size of 25-45cm   (10-18in) with males being larger than the females.

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