The Pancake Tortoise

Scienfic Name:- Malacochersus tornieri

They are critically endangered in the wild mainly due to capture by humans for the pet trade.   If you are interested in keeping this species as a pet it is imperative that you make sure that they are captive bred and not taken from the wild.

They get their name from their flattened shells.   They are more flexible due to thier leathery type shell than the Mediterranean tortoises so that they can run fast and climb to escape predators.   They wedge themselves into rocky crevices and inhale so they cannot be pulled out and eaten.

Habitat :- In the wild they live in the scrubland and rocky outcrops of Northern Kenya and Eastern Tanzania.   They prefer a daytime temperature of 37oC and a night temperature of 23oC.   The environment should be arid.   They need to be kept indoors in this country and need a UVB light source on for 12 hours a day.   They do not hibernate.

Diet :- grasses and weeds as well as fresh greens and should have a calcium supplement daily.

Life expectancy :- 30-35 years.

They grow up to 18cm long.   Males have longer tails than the females and reach a mature size of 15cm long and only 3cm high.

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