The Mynah Bird

Scienfic Name:- Acridotheres tristis

They are also known as the Indian myna bird. &Nb These are medium sized song birds,   of the starling family and originate from South and East Asia.   They are typically black or brown with a colourful beak and wattle and are renowned for their mimicking abilities.   They do however have a shrill whistle which can be deafening especially if two are kept together.

They enjoy the attention from their owners and need a considerable amount of your time.   Mynah birds are less likely to bond with one family member and after a short period of socialisation will often go to anyone.

Habitat :- Due to the diet,   the droppings are very wet and twice daily cleaning of the cage liner will be necessary.   They need a large cage 4 feet wide and tall with perches at different heights and different diameters to exercise their feet.   Natural branches are best.   For two birds it is best to consider housing them in an outside aviary.   A nest box for sleeping should be provided and plentiful supplies of challenging toys,   for mental stimulation,   as these birds are very intelligent.

They enjoy bathing and a suitable bathing dish should be placed in the cage although they will drink from the bathwater so this should be changed after every bath.

Diet :- They eat a diet consisting of fruit and insects and commercial pelleted food is available.

Life expectancy :- 12 to 25 years.

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