Musk Turtle

Scienfic Name:- Sternotherus odoratus

The common musk turtle originates from eastern North America from Florida to Ontario and as far west as Texas.

It has a domed carapace (top shell) and reduced plastron (underneath shell).   It has glands,   which produce a foul smelling liquid for which it gets its common name the ''stinkpot turtle''.   As with all reptiles we recommend that you ensure you purchase a captive bred specimen.

Habitat :- In the wild they inhabit slow moving streams and ponds.   Common musk turtles should be kept in an aquarium with water shallow enough that they are able to extend their long neck to keep their head out of water without having to paddle.   A dry land area should be provided even if it is seldom used.   A basking lamp providing a hot spot of 32oC (90oF) and an ambient temperature of 26-28oC (78-82oF) should be provided.   Also the water should be heated to maintain a temperature of 22-26oC (72-78oF).   It is important to provide good filtration of the water.   Substrate is not required although small pebbles,   which are too large to be ingested may be provided for aesthetic reasons.

Diet :- They eat a variety of molluscs and aquatic insects in the wild.   In captivity this can be mimicked by providing earthworms,   cut up fish,   shrimp,   crickets and bloodworms.   Some will eat pond weed or duck weed and freshwater turtle pellets.

Life expectancy :- They may live up to 30 years.

It is a small species growing to 10-13cm (4-5 inches) in length.