The Moluccan Cockatoo

Scienfic Name:- Cacatua moluccensis

They are also known as the salmon-crested Cockatoo.   It is one the largest of the white Cockatoo species.   they usually grow to about 900g,   with the females being slightly larger than the males.   Apart from their striking appearance they are avid attention seekers and are very affectionate,   but like most cockatoos can become unruly if ignored (or they feel neglected).   They are one of the loudest parrot species and are quite good at mimicking sounds;   however they do not make the most talkative of birds.

Habitat :- Generally the larger the cage the better,   it should also be sturdy and tough as their beaks are very strong and they are destructive.   Inside the cage there should be perches of various sizes,   a few toys which should be rotated regularly and enough space to fully extend their wings in all directions.   They also require time outside the cage daily to exercise.   The cage and toys should be '' zinc free'' to avoid the possibility of toxicity.

Diet :- They should be fed a balanced and varied diet consisting of 70% specialist pellet diet (e.g. Harrison's),   and 30% fresh fruit and vegetables ( e.g. all types of fruits and sprouted seeds,   carrots,   cucumbers,   zucchini and even dandelions).

Provide the food in a way to encourage foraging and natural behavior.   Do not feed avocado,   chocolate,   fruit seeds,   alcohol,   or caffeine.

Life expectancy :- 40 to 60 years.

When mature female cockatoos can have reddish\brown irises,   while the adult male' iris are dark brown or black.

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