The Lovebird

Scienfic Name:- Agapornis Spp

There are many species of Lovebirds in different colours and markings either masked or peach faced.   They are a small species of parrot native to Africa and are very active and intelligent.   They can be difficult to tame and much patience is needed if you want to be able to handle them.

Habitat :- They are best kept in pairs or small groups and need an aviary or cage that is large enough to allow plenty of room for flight.   Perches from tree branches are best as this gives them the opportunity to strip the bark and keeps their beaks and nails in trim.   Alternatively they need to be allowed out to fly around the room (having first made sure all doors and windows are closed).

Covering the cage with a cloth at night will encourage your Lovebird to set- tle down for sleep.

Diet :- In the wild eat a wide range of seeds,   grains,   and vegetation.   They should be fed on a proprietary Cockatiel or parakeet food mix with fresh fruit and vegetables and a vitamin and mineral supplement.   Fresh water should be available at all times and they often like to bathe or be sprayed with tepid water.

Life expectancy :- 10-15 years.

They are reasonably hardy birds that have few ailments.   They can suffer from lice and mites or temperature fluctuations can result in excessive moulting.

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