The Harris Hawk

Scienfic Name:- parabuteo unicintus

The Harris hawk originates from south west USA. They have a wingspan 43-47 inches,   and weigh from 500 gs to 1.200 Kgs.   They have dark brown plumage with chestnut on the shoulders,   wing linings and thighs.   The tail has a white tip and they have yellow legs and cere.

The females tend to be bigger than the males.   They are one of the most sociable birds and are known to hunt in groups with the males flushing out the prey and the females going in for the kill.

Habitat :- When kept in captivity they are tethered to a bow perch.   This is done by the hawk having anklets around their ''ankles'',   and jesses threaded through the eye of the anklet,   with a swivel attached to a leash.   This helps with handling them safely for you and the bird.

A protective glove,   also known as a gauntlet is worn when handling any birds of prey to protect yourself from their sharp talons on their strong feet.   They are kept tethered in a muse with access to water in a large tray which they enjoying bathing in on hot days,   after feeding and after flying to get rid of the dust on their feathers.

Diet :- They are carnivore.   They will eat rodents,  (rats and mice),   chicks,   quail,   rabbits,   small birds and some small mammals.

Life expectancy :- 10-12 years.

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