The Hahns Macaw

Scienfic Name:- Ara nobilis nobili

Hahns macaws originate from Nothern parts of South America.   They are the smallest of all the macaws measuring about 12 inches in length from the beak to tip of the tail feathers and can also be called Hahn’s mini macaw.   Adults weigh around 165g.

They are Social and intelligent birds,   who respond quickly to training and are capable of learning tricks and behaviours.   They can be good talkers with practice and training however,   they do exhibit many typical macaw behaviours such as screaming.   They are a good choice for the bird lover that wants a macaw, but isn't quite ready to take on one of the big guys.

Mature Hahns Macaws are primarily green with darker greenish-blue feathers on their foreheads.   They have a spot of bright red on the undersides of their wings in addition to black feet and a black beak.   At maturity,   their eyes resemble a burnt orange colour,   framed by the Macaw's classic bare eye rings.

They require a lot of attention.   They must be able to exercise and stretch their muscles regularly.   Plenty of time is required to get them to bond and train them.   A bored Macaw came become frustrated,   upset and angry that can lead to depression.

Habitat :- They need an environment where they can play and satisfy their intrinsic need to be destructive - provide cardboard boxes and wooden toys for them to play and chew and rope perches to destroy and exercise their feet.   It is also important for them to interact with their human family and become involved in family life.

Diet :- They should be fed a diet consisting of a high quality commercial pellet and seed mix,   in addition to daily servings of fresh fruits and vegetables to maintain a varied and nutritious diet.   They do enjoy millet sprays which can keep them entertained for a while and interested in food.

Life expectancy :- 30 years.

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