The Ferret

Scienfic Name:- Mustela putorius furo

Ferrets are the domesticated version of the polecat and are related to the skunk,   weasel and otter family. As well as pets,   they are also used in this country as working ferrets for hunting rabbits

A female ferret is called a Jill and a male a Hob.   Ferrets make fantastic pets they are intelligent and can be trained to use litter trays,   walk on harnesses and even do tricks.   They like to dig and play.   Ferrets have a very distinct odour,   which some people find hard to tolerate.   The males tend to smell stronger than the females but this can be reduced if the males are castrated.   De-scenting, as well as de-clawing is unethical and in the UK classed as an unnecessary mutilation, unless undertaken for medical reasons.

Habitat :- Ferrets can be housed inside or outside.   Ofetn a large wire cage can be a base home, with a litter tray but they do like to frequently come out and play.

Diet :- They are carnivores.   You can buy complete ferret foods from a number of manufactures but they can also be fed cat food and other cooked meats. Ferrets also love raw eggs but salmonella has to be taken into consideration when feeding any raw foods.   Workign ferrets are also fed whole mice and chicks and peices of rabbit.

Life expectancy :- 5-10 years.

Ferrets need to be vaccinated against distemper.   There is no licensed vaccine in the UK,   so a dog vaccine is commonly used for which they need yearly boosters.

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