The Egyptian Mau

Scienfic Name:- Felis catus

Egyptian Maus (Mau is Egyptian for cat) are a rare and beauIful breed, but are covered by the Dangerous Wild Animals Act,  1976 and require a licence to keep them in the UK.   They are famous for their stunning eyes and scarab shaped marking on their head.   Thought to originate from two Egyptian 'tabby cats'.   Maus are distinguished by their long slender bodies and muscular physique as well as a long continuous black line stretching from their head to tail along the spine.

Maus are the fastest domestic species of cat and share a lot of common features with cheetahs including an extra layer of skin that extends from the back of the flank to the knee,   they have been measured to reach speeds of 30mph.   They have shorter front legs than their hind legs and this gives an illusion that they are standing on their tiptoes when stood up.   Maus are considered to have an air of antiquity about them,   always appearing regal and comfortable in their environment.   They tend to prefer warmer temperatures and are known for their 'musical' voice.   Maus were first recorded in 1953 but weren't recognised as an official breed in Europe until 1992.

Habitat :- They need a secure large cage ideally wiht an inside and outside area.

Diet :- They are carnivorous and eat meat,   but do not have specifici nutritional reuirements and can be fed variety of foods including cat food.

Life expectancy :- 13-16 years but up to 20 Yeras of age.

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