The Duck

Scienfic Name:- Anas Platyrhynchos

Pet ducks are a popular pet for large gardens.   There are many varieties,   ranging from the small Call ducks (average weight of 0.7kg) to large Muscovy ducks (weighing in at up to 6kg).   Ducks can be friendly and tame if handled from a young age,   and some breeds will produce eggs on a regular basis.   They are sociable animals,   and do require the company of other ducks.

Habitat :- They require constant access to clean water for bathing,   but will rapidly muddy water and pond edges,   so care should be taken to ensure the design of the pond or water containers allows for good drainage and easy cleaning.   They will pass droppings regardless of where they are,   so are not suitable as house pets.   Ducks require a safe,   predator-proof enclosure,   and should be confined at night to prevent attacks by foxes.

Diet :- They should be fed an appropriate pelleted mash,   and this can be supplemented with fresh vegetables,   herbs and insects they find foraging in the garden.   Feeding time is an ideal time to observe and monitor your ducks' health - ducks not eating as much as normal is a cause for concern.

Life expectancy :- 5-10 years.

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