The Degu

Scienfic Name:- Octodon degus

The common Degu is from central Chille.   Degus are members of the rodent family.   They are small,   sociable herbivores that grow to 5-7 inches (12-17cm) long with a tail the same length again.   They make curious and inquisitive pets,   and as they are used to living in groups they do well with a friend.

Habitat :- They should be kept in a large cage 60X45X60cm (24 inches by 18 inches by 24 inches) is the minimum size for a pair of degus.   They are very active and enjoy climbing and jumping.   The cage should be made of wire,   as they are good at chewing,   but with a solid floor padded with bedding,   and some solid ledges to rest on.   They will need a nesting box for shelter,   and this should be filled with pet-safe bedding,   such as hay,   straw,   or paper.   They will also need regular access to a dust bath to keep their coats in good condition.

Diet :- They should be fed a good quality guinea pig or chinchilla mix,   and have constant access to good quality hay.   They also may enjoy a small quantity of fresh food,   such as grass,   dandelions,   romaine lettuce,   carrots and leafy greens.   As a treat, give seeds,   such as sunflower or pumpkin seeds,   but these should be occasional,   as they are too high in fat.   They need constant access to clean fresh water.

Life expectancy :- 6-8 years.

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