Scienfic Name:- Elaphe guttata guttata

These pretty patterned snakes of many colours (morphs)are popular as pets as they are relatively easy to keep.  They originate from North America.

Habitat :- They can be kept in wooden vivaiums or glass/Perspex tanks but these must be secure as cornsnakes are notorious for escaping!   They have a preferred daytime temperature of 28oC   (82oF).   This should be provided by an overhead ceramic (dull emitting) bulb,   which should be attached to a thermostat and placed at one end of the vivarum to provide a temperature gradient (hot at one end cooler at the other).   It is important to use a guard over the heater to prevent the snake coming into contact with it,   which can cause nasty burns.   Climbing branches or artificial plants can also be provided but should be cleanable or disposable for good hygiene.   A water dish which is large enough for the snake to submerge itself in and a couple of hiding places should be provided within the vivarium.   Although not as aesthetically pleasing as wood chips,   Lino or reptile carpet,   is advised for the floor as it is easy to clean and less likely to be ingested.

Diet :- Adult Cornsnakes are fed on rodents such as mice or baby rats, which should be given weekly.

Life expectancy :- 15-20 years.

They grow up to 5 feet (150cm) long.