The Budgerigar

Scienfic Name:- Melopsittacus undulatus

Budgies are small colourful birds that originate from Australia.   The genus name Melopsittacus is from th Ancient Greek for "melodious parrot".   They are generally affectionate.   In the wild they live in groups and ideal should be kept in pairs or groups.

Habitat :- The cage must be large enough for the bird to stretch and flap his wings in all directions and ideally as large as practicable.   A dish of water can be placed in the cage or a plastic bath that clips to the door can be bought from a pet shop for bathing.   Keep the cage in a warm draught-free area.

Budgies can be let out of the cage but must be supervised to prevent injury or getting caught up in curtains.   Make sure that all windows and doors are closed.

The cage should be cleaned thoroughly on a weekly basis.   Food bowls should be washed out daily and fresh seed and water provided.

Apple branches placed at different heights make good perches and encourage the bird to climb,   imitating trees in the wild.   They like to strip the bark off branches and twigs,   this helps keep their beaks sharp and short.   Sandpaper covered perches should be avoided as they can irritate the budgies feet.

Diet :- The basic diet consists of a good brand seed mixture ( supplemented with Iodine and calcium) and millet,   however budgies should be fed a variety of fresh food such as romaine lettuce,   carrot,   broccoli and apple.

Life expectancy :- 10-15 years.

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