Bearded Dragon

Scienfic Name:- Pogona vitticeps

They originate from the desert and woodland areas of Australia and New Guinea.

Habitat :- in captivity they should be kept in a Vivarium with a solid floor (eg Lino or reptile carpet that can be cleaned and changed regularly),   smooth rocks,  hides and branches provide environmental enrichment.   A dish of water suitable for bathing should be available and the water changed daily.   Heat should be provided by a ceramic (dull emitting) heater out of the lizard's reach,   a thermostat is essential as is a thermometer to check the temperature which should be between 27-35oC   (80-95oF) with a lower night temperature of 21oC   (70oF),   humidity should be below 60%.   An UV light source is also essential.

Diet :- When they are juveniles they are almost entirely insectivorous eating a variety of insects such as crickets and mealworms ( important to use a calcium supplement daily) but become more omnivorous as they get older and then will also eat Mixture of Greens,   vegetables, and   fruit.

Life expectancy :- 12 - 14 years.

They grow up to 46-51 cm   (18-20 inches).