The American Box Tortoise

Scienfic Name:- Terrepene Carolina

There are several species of American Box Tortoise ( Americans refer to them as Turtles) of which the Three Toed Box Tortoise is the most commonly kept.   There are no restrictions on the importation of this species but we would recommend sourcing a captive bred specimen. The wild caught tortoises can be difficult to adapt to captivity.

Habitat :- They need a high humidity and like to bathe in shallow water.   They require temperatures of 28-30oC under a basking lamp and a cool area of 21-27oC.   The use of a Ceramic heater wired into a thermostat will allow best control.   At night they should have a cooler period of no lower than 21oC.

A vivarium is best for these tortoises both to keep the humidity high and because they are very good at climbing out of open top pens.   An easily cleanable substrate is required such as lino with a water dish which they can climb into. There should be a tray with soil or moss in which they can dig and aids in keepig the humidity high.

In the summer they should have an outdoor area to allow access to natural sunlight.   They also appreciate the occasional rain shower (natural or from a sprinkler).

Diet :- They are omnivorous needing more animal protein in their diet then the Mediterranean species.   The protein can be provided by feeding earthworms,   slugs,   mice pinkies.   They also eat a wide rnage of fruit and vegetables with a calcium and vitamin supplement.

In their natural habitat they hibernate.  If hibernated in captivity they need higher humidity or alternatively they can be overwintered in their vivarium.

Life expectancy :- 20-40 years.

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