Paula Smith ...

Paula has been at Lawton and Stoakes since 1998 and is an highly valued and experienced member of the team.

Paula has a dwarf hamster called "Professor Frink" - her favourite character from the Simpsons TV Program.

Paula also recently had a much loved rescue Staffie Cross called Midge who had a number of problems including Cushing's Syndrome. After a long battle with the disease, Midge recently had to be put to sleep and is very much missed.

On being asked for some information for this website, she replied " I can't thnink of anything else interesting to say!". This is from the leading star of the Reception area who knows all regular clients and their pets and usually has a lot to say to them and durring the many Telephone calls she deals with each day. It is mainly due to Paula's hard work and dedication that the Reception area runs so smoothly and the Vets are kept in check.




Paula Smith

Paula is a Receptionist at Lawton and Stoakes



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