Telephone Advice...

We are happy to deal with brief enquiries over the telephone, from existing clients.

If you phone us on 01708 384444 between 3 to 4 pm, your Veterinarian is more likely to be available to speak to you. The veterinarians are generally not likely to be available at other times as they will be consulting, operating or attending to visits.

However, the Reception and Nursing staff will often be able to deal with your enquiries or relay a short question to a veterinarian on duty.

We are not able to return calls (other than for hospitalised cases) otherwise we would be spending most of each and every day doing this, to the detriment of our patients. When we are not able to speak to you on the telephone, you may have every confidence that the Receptionist or Nurse dealing with your enquiry will do so professionally and with any necessary consultation or advice from the veterinarian present.


Repeat Prescriptions

If your pet is on regular treatment, your veterinarian may arrange for you to have repeat prescriptions without an appointment, providing your pet has been seen within the preceding 6 months and it is an ongoing condition.

To reorder any of your regular drugs (including defleaing or worming products) please order in the morning so that they will be ready for collection in the afternoon or evening. If you turn up for a collection, without prior ordering, especially if during surgery hours, we will be happy to fill the prescription but you may have a wait until it is convenient to prepare the drugs, labels and invoice and permission has been obtained from the veterinarian on duty to fill the request.

Please help us to keep your wait to a minimum by phoning through your order in good time.

Laboratory Results

Clients may telephone for the results of laboratory tests after 2pm Monday to Saturday.

The Receptionist will pass on any message concerning the result from your veterinarian or advise you when the results are likely to be available. The veterinarian will always provide you with a copy of any laboratory results and fully discuss these with you (in person or by letter).

Most blood biochemistry and electrolyte samples are done xin-Housex with our state of the art automated wet chemistry analyser. Our maintenance contract provides regular monthly visits to maintain this apparatus and includes constantly checking for accuracy.


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